Sujana Smart Steel

Sujana’s Smart Steel is the first ready-made, cut and bend steel. We understand that steel is not just a commodity, but a service. Smart Steel is tailor-made to suit the client’s construction needs.

TMT Steel bars are measured, cut and bent as per the project/construction’s specifications and requirements. Our qualified engineering team meticulously studies the blue print of the structural and architectural drawings and subsequently draws out a detailed flow chart demarcating the various stages of execution.

Shop drawings and bending schedules are detailed out taking into account the specific reinforcement details. Shop drawings clearly indicate specifications by providing each bar with a unique identity through a bar mark and specifications related to diameter, spacing and position.

Sujana Smart Steel brings a host of advantages:

  • Combines convenience with amazing cost-savings
  • Reduces construction cycle time
  • Saves labor costs
  • Reduces the hassles of inventory management
  • Produces no scrap and allows for absolute ease of operations
  • Manufactures steel that is ‘Ready Made’ to your needs


Sujana Smart Steel plant is equipped with the latest state of art facilities which include sophisticated machinery from Germany and Denmark. The state of art equipment includes,

Cardomatic Shearline: Fully computer controlled, the Cadromatic Shearline is ideal for Shearing and cutting straight length bars. The machine is connected to a system of conveyor with kick offs on both sides and collecting pockets. The cutting details are entered into the computer and the bars loaded. The machine then automatically cuts the bars, moves them and loads them in the allotted collecting pockets to enable transfer to the subsequent work station.

Permatic Double Bender: Fully computerized, this sophisticated two-table bending machine measures and bends the bars accurately. It has built in standards shapes to ensure enhanced productivity.

Perfect Single Bender: This machine is used with a combination of roller and trolley system for loading the cut bars. The bending tables are equipped with rollers for easy transfer of the bars.

Twin-master / stirrup bender: This is an automatic stirrup bender capable of high production of stirrups from coils. It has the capability to handle coils from 8 mm to 12 mm in diameter. As the name suggests, this machine can straighten, bend and cut huge number of stirrups simultaneously on two bars. The machine is also provided with a double bending unit and a longer bar holding length compared to normal stirrup machines.

In addition, Sujana has dedicated logistics team which handles speedy transport of finished goods to customers’ site and thus lives up to its promise of being just-in-time steel.

Know your Cost of Cut & Bend at your site(Minimum)
Market Cost of Cut & Bend
at Coustomer Site
Your Site Rs. per Ton
25000 – 45000 Average TMT Steel Price per Ton 45,000 45,000
3 – 6% Wastage @ 3% 1350
1-2% Inventory Carrying Cost @ 1% 450
1500 – 6000 Cut & Bend @ 2500 2500
1-2% other overheads @ 1% 450
2-3% Additional Steel used,
pilferage and overlapping
2% 900
1-2% Additional Steel used,
without bending expansion
1% 450
200-500 Cost of Engineering 100 100
Cost of Cut & Bend
at Coustomer Site (min)
Sujana Proposal – Smart Steel 47,500
Cost saving per Ton 3,700
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