Quality Certification Assurance

We believe that quality is a way of life. Quality consciousness permeates every level of our Company and its workforce. This is the reason, when the Sujana name is behind a product, our customers rest at ease, knowing that along with simplifying the transaction, we also deliver unparalleled quality. Ensuring strict quality standards is essential not only to maintain our leadership position but also to deepen our bond with customers.

On the shop-floor, our employees are trained in quality control and ISO 9001 systems are followed. The Company adopts a three-stage process of inspection:

  • At the raw material stage
  • During the process
  • On the final product

The manufacturing process for towers undergoes inspection at 8 to 10 stages depending on the complexity of the design.This is the reason why , our Unit II stands ISO 9001:2000 certified as of August 2005 and the others are following suit.

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